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Replace your stove glass in a few simple steps

Remove the old stove glass
To remove the old stove glass you will need to unscrew the retaining screws which hold on the glass clips.
The screws and clips are steel and the screws will probably have been exposed to high temperatures over the years. Don't be surprised if they are stiff to unscrew.
Try not to damage the screw heads by forcing them to turn.
Spraying the screws with WD40 may assist in loosening - some people swear that the best thing to use to loosen the screws is vinegar!
Soak the screws with WD40 (or vinegar) and leave for a while so that the release agent can penetrate.
Slowly undo the screws, clips, and remove the glass.
Take care if the old stove glass is broken.
Check the condition of the stove rope and replace if necessary.

Fit the new stove glass
Place the new stove glass in position on the door.
Replace the clips then HAND TIGHTEN the screws to hold the new stove glass in place.
Free delivery to anywhere in the UK (3 to 5 days)
Glass is securely packaged on to shrink wrapped card
Fitting stove glass to stove door